Q: Do I have to fill all the fields out on the first page?
A: No, they are all optional however w/o an email address we will not know where to send your scorecard. The other two are strictly for looks only.
Q: So I'm logged in, now what?
A: Every time you make a stroke tap or click the Stroke button, once you are done with a hole tap or click the Next Tee button.
Q: I just got a hole in one do I hit the Stroke or Next Tee button?
A: Congratulations! You must hit Stroke and then Next Tee, otherwise the scorecard will think you skipped the hole.
Q: Oops I hit Next Tee instead of Stroke or vice versa.
A: Click on the Undo link at the top of the page. The link will only undo your last action, if you made two mistakes in a row w/o clicking/tapping Undo then you're an idiot.
Q: I didn't know it when we started but there is an extra basket/hole on the course that I would like to play, will I have to skip a hole on the scorecard?
A: This is not an issue at all, just keep score like you have been. The hole counter will continue to add more holes until you tap/click Done, even if you exceed the number of holes you entered on the setup/login page.
Q: I have to leave before I finish the number of holes I entered on the setup/login page, do I have to keep skipping holes until I reach the end?
A: No, the number of holes you enter on the setup/login page is just a placeholder, just keep score on each hole until you are finished playing then tap/click the Done button.
Q: I just played the best game of my life and I want to see my card.
A: Simply tap or click on the Done button on the bottom of the page.
Q: What happens if I hit refresh in my browser?
A: DON'T HIT REFRESH! The application will redo your last action ie if you had previously hit Stroke it will add another stroke or move you to the next tee if you last tapped or clicked Next Tee. If you do accidentally manage to refresh the page simply tapping the Undo button once should return you to where you were.
Q: I don't understand the strokes section.
A: The first number after Strokes is the stroke you are currently on, the second number is the total number of strokes you have taken.
Q: Can I cheat the scorecard so it looks like I played better (or worse) than I really did?
A: Yes you can, we did not write the ability to detect cheating into the application because the only person you are cheating is yourself.
Q: I want to show off my scorecard to everyone I know without having to save the page on my phone.
A: Assuming you entered a valid email address on the setup/login page there will be a link back to your scorecard in the email you recieve from us that you can send to as many friends (or enemies) as you want.
Q: I did not recieve an email with my scorecard.
A: Make sure that your spam filter allows messages from no-reply@dallasdiscgolf.com. This application does not store your address and we hate spam just as much as you do so you can rest assured we will not be sending you any unwarranted messages. Though we do know the secret to getting a larger penis in less than four weeks for free.
Q: How long will my scorecard(s) be available on your website?
A: For now it will be indefinite, though this may change in the future depending on several factors.
Q: I had a question about the scorecard however when I replied to the email I recieved there was no response.
A: This is because all messages sent to no-reply go directly to the trash. Please send any questions or comments to dallasdiscgolf@gmail.com.
Q: Why is the address to my scorecard a big group of numbers instead of something easier to read?
A: The numbers are the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch, this is a generally safe way to insure that every page has a unique name. It also gives us a timestamp that we can use should we decide to (re)move any pages that are over a certain age.